Mad about Plaid this Christmas

Holiday celebrations range from casual to elaborate, and therefore so does appropriate attire.  I get lots of questions this time of year about what to wear to holiday parties, but most especially, on Christmas Day.  My answer would be, “Well, that depends….”.  Do your plans include a formal invitation or is it a longstanding tradition. If an invitation, did it include phrases like “Festive Cocktail”, “Christmas Casual”, or “Holiday Glam”? That can give you some direction on how to dress, as can the weather, the venue, and even the audience which you’ll be joining.

My family gathers at my in-laws’ home, along with several cousins, aunts, uncles, and even my own parents, sister, and brother-in-law.  Its an early evening dinner buffet filled with lots of good food, wine, and conversation. The kiddos are happily entertained by a playroom that is filled with the childhood toys of my husband and brother-in-law, which somehow withstood both time and two rowdy boys. Because it is a casual event only attended by immediate family, I can get away with jeans.  But, I do like to add some festive flair since it’s the last chance to do so for another year. This tartan vest is perfect, thanks to its cozy quilting and velvet trim, which dresses it up just the right amount. This particular one from Old Navy is sold out, but below I’ve linked a similar one that should do the trick!

Similar Tartan Vest – $34.99

2017-12-19 13.36.03

Another option would be a festive cardigan, like this one in buffalo check from Old Navy. It’s super cozy and a great length! Unfortunately, it too has sold out, but I’m linking a similar option that features darling suede elbow patches that pack a stylish punch.

Similar Buffalo Check Cardigan – $42


Here’s another option and yes, another plaid…..hey, it’s Christmas, right? This tartan infinity scarf was a local find from my favorite boutique, Salon Dixie, but I’m linking a similar one below. While it’s a perfect Christmas day accessory, it will also take you all the way from Fall to Spring, making it a must-have item for your closet.

Tartan Infinity Scarf – $16.99


Here are some other suggestions in case your plans require dressier attire….

Plaid off the shoulder flannel top – $27.50


Tartan Blazer – $118

tartan blazer

Tartan heels – $55.97

tartan heels

Tartan Shirt Dress – $39.98

plaid shirt dress

And if you’re lucky enough to get to stay in your jammies all day because you don’t have anywhere you HAVE to be, here are some options too!

Tartan Pajamas – $36.99

plaid pjs

Tartan Slippers – $17.99

plaid slippers

So in case you can’t tell, the one thing these items all have in common is that they’re a plaid or tartan pattern. That’s because it’s such a classic, traditional, and stylish pattern that will never go out of style.  So whether you’re glamming it up at a formal affair, or staying cozy by the fire with the your kiddos for the day, the right answer for what to wear on Christmas is always plaid!

Happy hunting, y’all!

My Christmas Wish List

As a Mom, it’s hard to find time to think about what we want or need. We’re so busy shopping for everyone around us that by the time it comes to our own wish list, it’s easy to come up empty.  So, in an effort to spark your imagination, I’m sharing my personal wish list for Christmas this year.  You’ll find splurges, steals, and everything in between, but hopefully, you’ll also find some ideas to pass on to your own friends and family or maybe even just go ahead and buy for yourself…..Lord knows you deserve it!

my christmas wish list with numbers

  1. A good book is always high on my list of wants. I may not always have time to read daily, but I make it a priority to read regularly.  This book has gotten great reviews and was awarded the title of “Best Suspense Novel”, so it’s sure to keep you engaged.
  2. When Rebecca Minkoff came out with this chic little phone charger tassel, I was intrigued, but then disappointed to find out they were only for Iphones and over $50.  Fortunately, they are now made by a number of brands at a much lower price and for Androids too!  I love the idea of a stylish way to stay connected and this fits the bill.
  3. These faux leather leggings from Spanx have been on every blogger’s page recently, which tells me they must be pretty fabulous. But with the promise of supreme comfort, ultra-flattering fit, and stylish “leather” material that can be dressed up or down, they are definitely on my list of “must-try’s” this year!
  4. OTK or “over the knee” boots are all the rage this season and I’ve been lusting over grey ones for a while now.  These have gotten great user reviews and are an awesome price right now, making them ultra affordable!
  5. This bone link necklace has gone in and out of stock over the last couple of months due to its extreme popularity, but is currently back in stock and a great price for a statement piece! With such a neutral color, it can go with anything and would look great paired against a chunky sweater, basic tee, or simple dress.  I’m already dreaming of all the ways I want to style it, so Santa, you’d better come through 😉
  6. Nothing says cozy like chenille so when you find lounge pants made out of them, you buy them!  These babies are half off right now, too!
  7. I wear ear buds to work out and to listen to my books when I’m cooking, walking the dog, or doing laundry. But, truth be told, mine could use an upgrade and these rose gold ones are just the ticket!  These would make a great stocking stuffer or a teen/tween gift too.
  8. I LIVE in my Patagonia Retool fleece pullovers, so I’m always in the market for another one.  This year they came out with a “Rosewater” color that is sheer perfection and therefore at the top of my list.  Once you try this thing on, you’ll be a believer….trust me.
  9. My husband sorta hates the perfume I’ve been wearing for the last seventeen years, so I’ve been sampling alternatives and am actually thinking I might like this one (Creme D’Nude) even more than my tried and true.  It is one of the fragrances inspired by MAC makeup’s lipstick shades, which I also love, and is just the right mix of musky and fresh.
  10. Everyone I know who has this new brand of shoes RAVES about them, so I’ve definitely had them on my list to try.  But when I saw that they had a leopard flat that looks like a million buck and feels like a tennis shoe, they shot up to the top of my list. If these truly are the holy grail of flats, offering maximum comfort without compromising style, then I’ll happily shell out full price for these any day.

So there you have it…..this year’s personal wish list. Now let’s just hope Santa sees it and is able to take advantage of some of the CYBER sales that are still going on over the next couple of days.  Happy hunting!


I’m a sucker for a buffalo check, especially a red and black one. Even though it’s one of the most classic prints out there, it’s actually pretty trendy right now. From accessories like purses and scarves to sweaters and even pants, it’s the “it” print this Fall.  In fact, I’ve been teetering on the poncho trend for a while now, trying to determine whether or not it was something I could pull off at my size. But when I saw this red and black buffalo check poncho, I knew I had to try it!

Buffalo check poncho – $24.99


I thought this would satiate my buffalove (a.k.a. love for buffalo check), but when I walked into Old Navy the other day, my heart skipped a beat…..there was buffalo plaid-a-plenty! They had it in a flannel shirt, of course, which is a winter staple for me. Here I am wearing the one I got last year from there with my new favorite black herringbone vest that’s a dupe for the J. Crew one.

Buffalo check flannel button-up – $24

2017-11-05 12.33.44

I was also really digging their buffalo check accessories….these are perfect accents to a basic black outfit or jeans and a white shirt combo.

Buffalo check socks – $10


Buffalo check scarf – $15

2017-11-05 12.40.54

Buffalo check sneaks – $24.99


Buffalo check purse – $29.99

plaid purse


But I also really loved this cardigan, which was ultra-cozy and on sale for $25! Tip: Size down, as it runs rather large.

2017-11-05 12.36.43

Check out these buffalo check pants! for $27. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any like these, but I think they’d be awesome paired with a black sweater, a crisp white shirt, or even a denim top. They are made of ponte-knit, which is code for “ridiculously comfortable”, and feature a fun seam down the front, which dress them up a bit.

2017-11-05 12.44.51

And these uber-cute flannel pajama shorts are only $10 and would be a great stocking stuffer for any female in your life!


So, that’s my roundup of all the buffalo-prints I’m swooning over lately.  What are your favorites? Happy hunting, friends!

“Faves under Fifty” from the Nordstrom Fall Sale

So, I know it feels like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was just yesterday and some of us may or may not still be paying off our bill from that. BUT, the fact remains that the Nordstrom Fall Sale is a good one and you won’t want to miss out!  If nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to buy Christmas gifts…..for yourself or others!  In fact, I already snagged one of these items for my mother-in-law, although I won’t say which one in case she’s reading this. And I am most definitely sending a few of these to my hubby, my Dad and my brother-in-law since, let’s be honest, men can almost always use some extra assistance with their Christmas shopping. At any rate, here are my favorites under $50:

fall sale collage

  1. Asymmetrical sweatshirt – $29.40
  2. Cowl Neck Poncho – $49.90
  3. Tie Hem Sweater – $49.90
  4. Thermal Tee – $40.80
  5. Ruffle Hem Tee – $35.90
  6. One Button Fleece Wrap – $39.90
  7. Rose Gold Sneaks – $35.96
  8. Fringe Infinity Scarf – $8.98
  9. Split Sleeve One Shoulder Top – $26.98
  10. Suede Clutch – $41.96

These are my favorites at a reasonable gifting price-point, but there are so many more items at great prices during the Fall Sale, which goes through November 12th.  Hurry and take a peek before it’s too late because sizes and items are going out of stock quickly! And as always, happy hunting!

Packing for Seattle: A three day trip

A few weeks ago I tagged along on a business trip with my hubby to Seattle–somewhere neither of us had visited before. From all the movies I’d seen, I knew to prepare for rain and cool temps, but I had no idea where to start! I can pack for the beach with my eyes closed. A weekend at the lake? No biggie! But Seattle in the Fall? That was a challenge! After a lot of trial and error, I ended up with lots of layers, colors that would easily mix and match, and things that were comfortable, yet stylish–not an easy feat!


I needed outfits that I could build on as the day got cooler, and shed pieces from as the temps warmed up. For our 3-day trip, I ended up with three pairs of jeans (dark, burgundy, and grey), a quilted vest, two scarves, a military jacket, a fisherman sweater, a lightweight cardi, several long sleeved tees, and shoes (rain booties, which I never even wore, black sneakers, dark slide-on sneakers, though I didn’t need both, and neutral booties). Here are some of the ways I ended up pairing the individual pieces:

Grey Jeans // Black Quilted Vest // Burgundy Tee // Black Sneaks


Burgundy Jeans // Military Jacket // Slip-on Sneaks


Fisherman Lace-Up Sweater // Grey Jeans // Taupe Booties


Here’s an example of how I changed one outfit throughout the day to accommodate the cooler/warmer temps. I started with jeans, a long sleeve tee, and a lightweight cardi. This was totally fine for exploring the museums, but once I headed outside for the walking tour, I added a vest and scarf for extra warmth. The cardi easily tucked up under the hem of my vest and both the vest and scarf were easy to throw in my bag if I went inside or the weather warmed up again.

Lightweight cardi // Similar striped peplum // Black Vest // Burgundy Jeans // Similar Grey Scarf

Other key items I’d recommend include: a rain jacket (but since it only sprinkles, don’t bother with an umbrella), a crossbody purse, and sunglasses (it did actually get sunny once or twice during our stay!).

Not planning a trip to Seattle or Northern Cali any time soon? No worries! Most of these tips could be applied for any Fall trip you have planned. It’s always a challenge, in my opinion, to look stylish while still trying to be practical. Just because you are a tourist doesn’t mean you have to look like one, right?




LBR: A.K.A. Little Black Romper

The iconic LBD (little black dress) is a classic staple in any wardrobe that likely won’t be going anywhere style-wise in this lifetime. But I have to say that the LBR (little black romper) is gaining popularity and has quickly become my go-to piece when I can’t decide what to wear, am not sure how dressy an occasion is, or just can’t muster the effort it takes to pull a whole outfit together.  Much like the LBD, the romper can take you from daytime to a night out with as little as a change in shoes and jewelry, making it not only a an easy everyday look but perfect for travel.

The other night, after spending a whole day at the soccer fields, the hubs and I were scrambling to get the kids fed and ourselves ready for a friend’s birthday dinner before the sitter came.  I stood in my closet completely overwhelmed by the choices and feeling utterly uninspired. I was tempted to keep on my bathrobe at this point, but then my eyes caught hold of my trusty black romper and suddenly everything was right in the world again!


Since the birthday dinner was at a friend’s home, I opted for flat suede fringe sandals instead of heals, but added in the Sugarfix black and white striped triad ball earrings for some extra flair. The results were just what I wanted–stylish, classic, comfortable, and effortless, which pretty much sums up the LBR itself. If you don’t currently own a little black romper, I highly recommend adding one to your closet. There are lots of options, but here are a few of my favorites, all of which are affordable.



  1.  Tassel Trim Romper from Nordstrom – $59
  2. Open Back Tulip Romper from Charlotte Russe – $18.89
  3. Strapless jumpsuit from H&M – $12.99
  4. Ruffle One Shoulder Romper from Nordstrom – $59
  5. Ruffle Sleeve Romper from Nordstrom – $49
  6. Sleeveless Pintuck Romper from Old Navy – $15.97
  7. Off the Shoulder Romper from Nordstrom – $86

Getting #FallReady

Okay, so by now, about half of my items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale have come in and even though I figured I’d send half of them back, that has fortunately unfortunately not been the case.  Everything has just been so darn cute and I am really digging the Fall trends.  At a glance, the big colors of the upcoming season seem to be grey (duh) and burgundy and while the latter was a little hard to get used to for me, it’s definitely growing on me in a big way.  So, without further adieu, here’s what I’m keeping from what I ordered and how I styled it:

First up are these slim utility pants from Caslon in the Olive Sarma color for under $50. I saw these last year and was on the fence about them, so I passed. But not this year. No siree! I was at least determined to try them on and I’m oh-so-glad I did!  While my normal pant size (27) was too big and left me feeling a little frumpy, the 26’s were perfect.  I love how the stretch makes them super comfy and how you can style them up or down.  In the pic on the left, I’m also wearing the Free People split-back turtleneck sweater with the B.P. leopard print pointy-toe flats from last year’s sale.  I did not see the same shoes this go round, but I am linking some similar ones here.  As for the sweater, it’s definitely one of my favorite purchases and a decent price at under $50. I worried that the back would be a little too “much”, but with a dark tee underneath, it’s pretty great–comfy enough to run around town in, but chic enough to wear to a meeting, lunch date, etc. For reference, I’m wearing an XS in the sweater.



In the second pic, I’ve paired the utility pants with the Caslon Rounded V-Neck in grey and my trusty distressed vintage grey Converse sneakers (similar ones). Not only is this the perfect tee to have in your wardrobe, thanks to its uber comfy feel and perfect length, but it’s on sale for $18. It does run big, so size down. I’m wearing an XS and have plenty of room! This is an outfit I’d wear to volunteer at the kids’ school, run errands around town, or meet a vendor at a venue for a site meeting for my event. It’s casual without being sloppy and that’s just what this busy mama needs!


I also bought the Kut from the Kloth “Donna” jeans in wine for $52. I told myself I would never wear another pear of jeans this color after wearing burgundy Girbaud jeans for the majority of my 8th grade year and still suffering from the trauma of it, but after seeing so many great reviews and pics of how they were styled, I caved and am not mad about it. Unfortunately, there are only limited sizes left in the burgundy jeans I bought in size 2, so I’m also recommending these from Caslon, which have lots of sizes left and are a little bit cheaper too.  They get great reviews and I like the idea of the frayed hem, which you know is all the rage right now. In the first picture, I paired the burgundy jeans with a simple black roll-sleeve tunic that I got at last year’s anniversary sale and is on sale again this year for $35 (praise Jesus, hallelujah!). If you don’t own this top, you need to fix that. Pronto. It’s a great basic that doesn’t wrinkle and looks just as great with distressed jeans as it does with work pants. I am wearing an XS, which fits great.



Next, I styled them with this striped shirt from B.P. for $19 in an XS (runs big!) and a fringed cardi from Old Navy. I know, I know, it’s not from Nordy, but I couldn’t resist not seeing how they would pair. And look how well they play together! So nice! I also added the B.P. Bar Pendant Necklace in gold. It is the perfect piece of simplicity and style to add to any outfit and is always the one piece of jewelry I grab when I don’t have time to coordinate something.  To complete the look, I have on the B.P. Flared Heel Studded Booties in the grey suede. I love the edginess they lend an outfit and am really digging the studs. My husband, on the other hand, gave me a look that said, “Who do you think you are, a biker chic?”  And I gave him one back that said, “Don’t make Mama mad.” And as they say, that was the end of that. 

As much as I’d hoped to hate the Halogen Ruffle Jacket, since it was one of the higher-priced items I got at $89, and I’d bought soooo much already, I freakin’ loved it. Sigh. So, here I am, thinking about all the ways I could style it so that is worth every last penny! I’m pretty sure I won’t regret it. Check it out with just simple jeans and booties below….How cute is it?? I’m wearing a size x-small and I think it fits well. If you are worried about which size to buy, the tie front allows for lots of wiggle room (literally), so keep that in mind.


And my last pic for this post is this Burgundy Cold Shoulder Sweater which I’m wearing with medium wash jeans and my favorite perforated taupe booties from last year’s anniversary sale (similar ones here). But back to the sweater. Y’all. This sweater is everything. It is comfortable, stylish, and affordable at just $35. I love the slits in the shoulders, the shirt-tail hem, the deep burgundy color, and the cozy knit material. And I know it’ll be an item I can wear around the house, to a football game, or to date night just as easily. These multi-functional pieces make life so much easier, don’t you think? So, take my advice and snatch this baby up while you can.  It was sold out earlier but is now back in limited sizes in the black and burgundy stem colors, and in all sizes in the grey. I’m wearing an XS for reference.


With all of these fun finds, I’m feeling ready for Fall! There’s still about about a week left of the big anniversary sale, so if you haven’t checked it our or there are still some things on your list, take advantage of the prices while you can because they’ll go back up soon! I’ll report back once I get the rest of my items so you can see how I’ve styled those as well.

The N Sale Lowdown

Today’s the big day! The day we’ve all been waiting for…..the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public! Woohoo! Now, you may be one of those people who has never heard of it or at the very least doesn’t get what the big deal is. Well, first off, bless your heart. And second, let me help a sister out.  For starters, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or the “N Sale” as savvy shoppers refer to it, is an annual sale that begins in mid July but for the first week or so is only available to card holders.  If you are not interested in getting another credit` card, no sweat. They also have a debit card that allows you early access to the sale. But if neither is your thing and you have the patience and willpower to wait until the public sale, kudos to you, sister!  That just gives you all the more time to plan out what you need want from the sale so that your’e ready to roll when it goes live.

Which brings me to the point of this post. The sale is now open to the public and while some of the more popular items are already gone, there’s still lots left and things will also be going back in stock as people make their returns in the coming days.  The best part about this sale and what makes it so unique from others is that it features brand-new Fall clothing at deeply discounted prices that will go back up to regular retail price once the sale concludes.  In short, it’s a great chance to take inventory of your closet and fill in the gaps with some higher-end necessities as well as those trendy wish list items you may or may not have been lusting over.

So, in truth, this is only my third Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to partake in and I’m no pro. I don’t have a Nordstrom anywhere near me and this is my first year to be a cardholder and therefore able to shop with early access.  However, that has not stopped me from purchasing quite a few items that caught my eye over the last few days.  While only two items have actually arrived, I wanted to go ahead and share those items that I’ve ordered so you could consider them also.

Caslon Rounded V-Neck Tee – $17.90

I’ve heard this runs big, so I ordered an XS. I love the fact that it’s between a v-neck and a scoop neck and the length looks perfect to me.  This is a great staple piece so I ordered it in both black and grey and am looking forward to layering it as the temps get cooler.

Halogen Knot Front Tee – $23.90

The rounded neckline and knot detail of this shirt gives off that put-together look without a whole lot of effort, which I’m all about. I liked the green and navy option, but figured I’d wear the navy and white a little more often. I’m short-waisted so I ordered a small petite in size.

stripe tee

Gibson Tie Front Cozy Fleece Pullover – $39.90

I am really excited about this top, as it gets great reviews, but I did read that the petite runs super small so I ordered both petite and regular smalls to see which worked better. I got it in grey, but it comes in several colors that would be great with jeans this Fall. Again, the tie detail makes it special but still effortlessly casual.

tie front top

Halogen Tie Hem Sweater – $49.90

Again with the ties, I know! I ordered the x-small in black but it does come in both regular and petite sizes and several other colors. I loved the “Burgundy Stem” color, but it was sold out before I ordered it but you can’t go wrong with black and the soft pink is to-die-for, if you are one of the few sizes it comes in still. I’ve read it’s itchy, but I’m going to try it on and judge for myself. I have a sensitive skin, so that would be a no-go for me, but we’ll see!

black tie sweater

B.P. Cold Shoulder Tunic Sweater – $35.90

So, B.P. is Nordy’s own brand, in case you aren’t familiar with it, and I love it for its affordability and selection.  This cold-shoulder sweater seems like a great date night option for the cooler months and while it comes in grey too, I ended up ordering it in the burgundy stem, size x-small. I read that it runs extra big, so make sure you size down.

burgundy cold shoulder

Free People Split Back Turtleneck – $44.90

I’m not sure I’m going to like this with the whole slit up the back and all, but I figured it’d be cute with a fitted shirt or cami underneath so I’m gonna give it a whirl. I ordered it in an x-small black (which looks like charcoal grey) but it does come in “red”, which looks more like a burnt orange to me. Again, it runs big so order down, but should still work well with leggings and jeans alike.

split turtleneck

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan – $76.90

Now, y’all know me well enough now to know that I don’t usually pay this much for a top….even a sweater. But, when it comes to things I love, I’m willing to splurge, and this is one of them. If you haven’t felt anything by Barefoot Dreams, you are seriously missing out. This, my friends, is the stuff dreams are made of. It is incredibly soft and can take you from your pajamas to a night out if you like….it’s that versatile.  I’ve bought the long cardigan version for family members before, but have never kept one for myself because they just overwhelm my small frame. That all changed with the CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan. From what I understand, this version is much shorter and more tailored fitting, but with all the same cozy comfort of the Barefoot Dreams brand. I can’t wait for it to come in! Eeek!

barefoot dreams cardigan

Halogen Soft Ruffle Jacket – $89.90

I’m super pumped about this jacket, as it’s very much my style. I love girly details like ruffles and peplums, but pair it with a tailored fitting and I’m yours! I can see myself throwing this on over a white button up and booties for work or over a basic tee and jeans with ballet flats. I read that it runs big, so I ordered an x-small and am hoping it looks as cute on me as it does on the model! Fingers crossed!


J. Crew Stretch Toothpick Jeans – $75.90

I’ve been needing a good basic pair of jeans with no distressing and I’m hoping these do the trick. I like the “medium miller wash” color and they get great reviews, so we’ll see.  I ordered my regular size 27 because they supposedly run TTS, but they also have a little stretch, which I love and need. I mean, cupcakes and all…..

toothpick jeans

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Itty Bitty Bootcut Jeans – $44.90

So while I have lots of skinny jeans, I no longer own any bootcut jeans and word on the street is that they are coming back. If that’s the case, these would be a great transition piece because of their slight flare. I’ve always believed that bootcut jeans offer a more flattering look for everyone, but apparently no one asked me when selecting the skinny jean trend several years ago. Anywho, if you’re like me and sorta ready for something different, these are your jeans.  Plus, they feature Wit & Wisdom’s Ab-Solution technology, and you know how I feel about that! Yes, please!

bootcut jeans

Articles of Society Skinny Sarah Jean – $41.90

These “red eye” (aka burgundy) jeans got great reviews and are an unbeatable price.  The stretch makes them run large, so order one size down for best fit. They feature a raw hem, which is very en vogue right now, and the color is perfect for the Fall season.

burgundy jeans

Caslon Slim Utility Pants – $49.90

News Flash! Olive green is a neutral. I know! I didn’t know it either, but trust me, it is!  It looks great with animal print, stripes, and other patterns, but it also great with solids like blush, grey, navy, black, or white.  I have a few olive green tops from the last two years, which are on heavy rotation, but I’m finally trying them on my bottom half. Want to try them with me? These run TTS, so I ordered my regular size 27.

olive green pants

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings – $35.90

Zella, which is the athleisure house brand for Nordstrom, is a personal favorite and while not nearly as expensive as it’s counterpart, Lululemon, it’s still not cheap. So when it goes on sale, I always take advantage.  I literally live in these “Live In Leggings” and the high-waist version is both comfy and flattering.  I have them in several colors, but when I saw them in “burgundy stem”, I knew it would be a great way to try out the new color trend. The best thing about these leggings is that since they are a true matte with no shine, they look as great with boots or booties and tunics as they do with sneakers and workout tops.  So if you’re thinking about testing the waters on this whole burgundy thing, these would be a great place to start!


B.P. Kolo Flared Heel Studded Bootie – $79.90

The trends seem to be going towards a more neutral shoe and this grey suede bootie is a perfect example. The block heel will give you that added comfort and support and the domed stud details will keep you looking hip like you don’t need it ;).

stud bootie

Bar Pendant Necklace – $8.98

I used to have one of these and wore it on the regular, but the last 12,000 times I’ve gone to reach for it, I haven’t been able to find it. So when I saw it on sale for under $9, I figured I’d be pretty crazy not to snatch it up. I like its simplicity and ended up buying one in both gold and silver since I couldn’t decide which one I liked better.  This is a great treat for yourself but also a wonderful gift idea for a friend or even a teacher so take advantage of this sale price and stock up!

bar necklace

So, there you have it! That’s everything I ordered during early access of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I won’t keep it all and I did order multiple sizes in several things, but someone seriously needs to keep the hubs away from the house during UPS delivery hours for the next two weeks. If I had to sum up the Fall trends based on what I bought and saw available, I’d say burgundy and grey are the go-to colors and clean lines with small details are still very much on-trend.  I hope I’ve given you some options for where to start today and that things don’t sell out before you’ve had a chance to place your order. But if they do, just remember that things are constantly coming back into stock so check back and check back often!  Happy shopping, y’all!


















Factory fix

I’m visiting my parents on the coast (of Mississippi) this week while the kiddos go to a sea camp and learn how to be “Coast rats”.  With no cleaning, cooking, or dog-walking to do for the first time in…..FOREVER!! I figured I’d take advantage of the extra time to myself and hit the outlet malls.  As always, my first stop was the J. Crew Factory to get my fix.  Y’all. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into one of these and walked out empty-handed. It’s just that good.  And right now, they are offering an additional 50% off of all clearance items with code SUPERCLEAR, making them ridiculously great deals. Here’s my roundup of my faves:

Blue check skirt // Blue tank // Yellow Necklace // Gold Slides


First up is this bright blue buffalo check sidewalk skirt with a gathered waist for only $22.49. It’s a linen-cotton material and oh-so-comfy and lightweight, making it a truly perfect option for an outdoor event like a company picnic, wedding shower, bridal lunch, etc. I’m wearing a size 0 because it ran sorta big, so definitely size up for a better fit. The top runs TTS and is a super-soft garment dyed tank that could just as easily be paired with jean shorts. At $9.99, I’d grab one in a couple of colors if I were you! I couldn’t find the exact necklace online, so I linked one in the same yellow color but in a different style. The gold Boardwalk slides aren’t on clearance, but at $29.50, they’re still a great deal in my opinion and will quickly become your go-to sandals.

Clearly I can’t get enough of this blue and yellow combo because oops! I did it again with this blue linen embroidered dress and yellow necklace.  This could work as a coverup or a dress, and the fit and length are perfect for either! The clearance price for the dress is $29.99 and it runs TTS.

Blue linen floral dress // Yellow necklace // Gold slides


This sunny-colored fringe tank has been on my wish list for a while thanks to its thick straps that conceal bra straps and fun fringe details.  It’s under $20 right now and I’m wearing a small, so I’d say it runs TTS.  It also comes in several other colors, but I love how the yellow looks with these madras shorts that are now only $14.99. They are the 5″ length, which seems to be the most popular, and a super-soft pre-washed cotton material that will have you grabbing for them over and over again.

Yellow fringe tank // Madras shorts // Gold slides


I’m also crushing on this little white embroidered dress (which comes in navy too)  and think it would be perfect for date night, lunch with a friend, or even as a coverup. I’m all about multi-functional clothing and this one certainly is! The material is thick enough not to show anything underneath and the length is perfect at right above the knee. It’s currently on sale for $44.99 and I’m wearing a small.

White embroidered dress // Yellow necklace // Gold slides


I’m not sure whether this is a coverup or a dress or to be left to one’s imagination, but I absolutely loved the fit and versatility of it.  The orange (Cerise) color was so fun, but it also came in white, and since it’s fully lined, it’s a great option too! I dressed it up with this navy chain link necklace and the same gold slides for a look that could take you from the pool to a restaurant and everywhere in between! At only $14.99, this is a must-buy in my book!

Orange gauze dress // Navy link necklace // Gold Slides


So now that I’ve gotten my J. Crew Factory fix, it’s your turn! Don’t miss out on their great clearance items that are 50% off right now, but going fast!



It’s in the bag

I think I’ve finally reached the point in motherhood where I don’t have to carry a beach bag that’s the size of a suitcase to the pool. My kids are out of diapers, they are too old for Barbie mermaid toys and water guns, and I no longer need to bring three different types of snacks per child, praise Jesus, Hallelujah! But, I’m not quite in the “I’ll just throw a towel over my shoulder and grab some sunglasses” phase yet either. So in the meantime, I’m always on the hunt for a mid-size beach bag that is functional, yet cute, and not going to cost too much because, well, it’s going to get wet, sandy, and goldfish-encrusted and I don’t want to feel like I just washed a fortune down the toilet when I have to retire it at the end of the summer. This is where Target saves the day yet again. They have a ton of cute, affordable beach bags that are the perfect size for a few towels, goggles, a tube or two of sunscreen, and whatever else you are toting to the pool this summer. And did I mention how fashionable they are? Not a single one is over $35, so take your pick!

beach bag collage

  1. Mossimo palm print mesh tote – $9.99
  2. Merona feather tote – $34.99
  3. Colorful plastic woven tote – $19.99
  4. Black and white patterned tote – $29.99
  5. Navy stripe tote – 29.99
  6. Watermelon laminated tote – $17.99
  7. Pom pom straw tote – $34.99
  8. Neon yellow stripe rope tote – $29.99
  9. Purple and blue stripe mesh tote – $14.99
  10. Rainbow straw tote – $29.99