Express yourself

I haven’t been to an Express since college, which was more than a decade ago (eek!). I guess their look just got too “young” for me somewhere along the way. But they’ve really matured they’re style in the last couple of seasons, and in a good way!  Their shoe game is especially strong right now and their selection of flats just oozes with sophistication. Here are some of my favorites, all of which are under $50:

Broken Heart Embroidered Patch Flats – $44.90

Calling all “Heart-Breakers”! These shoes are for you! They’d be so fun with an all-black ensemble, a red dress, or jeans and a crisp white shirt!

express - broken heart flats

Queen Bee Flats – $44.90

These “Queen Bee” flats have my name written all over them! Anyone else digging the “Blair from Gossip Girl” vibe?

express - queen bee flats

Ruffle Pointed Toe Flats – $49.90

These are both sophisticated and romantic and I adore the cross-strap ruffles! Can’t you just see these paired with a leather jacket?! Oh, the contrast!!

express - ruffle pointed toe flats

“Eye Slay” Embroidered Patch Flats – $44.90

These babies say it all and remind me of some much-higher-priced shoes that can be found here and here.

express - slay flats

Velvet Knot Pointed Toe Flats – $49.90

Velvet and wine are a killer combo this season and these tootsies have both going for them!

express - velvet knot pointed toe flats

And last, but not least, my personal fave…..the pointed toe loafers! I bought these in the cognac color and L-O-V-E them!

Pointed Toe Loafers in Cognac – $39.90


They are comfy and chic and feature a gold rimmed heel for that extra little touch. Unfortunately, they keep going in and out of stock, so I’m also linking them in the black and silver too, because they’re just as fab!

Black or silver Pointed Toe Loafers – $39.90

express - black loafers

You can’t go wrong with any (or all) of the above! Check out them out online or next time your’e near an Express store. Happy hunting!

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