Hail thee festival day!

Cuffed denim shortsBack to school means festival season around these parts and I can’t pass up a good opportunity to sample food trucks, hear live music, and people watch.  But to fully enjoy yourself, you’ve gotta be prepared.


Let’s be honest. It’s still warm through October in the south, so cool, loose-fitting clothing is a must.  I usually opt for a sleeveless, flowy shirt in a print that will hide sweat and a bralette or sports bra layered underneath because nothing is more uncomfortable than a hot, lacy, metal contraption. Also, you’ve really got to think about which bottoms you choose. Chances are you’ll be sitting on the ground at some point, so white/light colors are obviously out.  I always go with good ole jean shorts (my favorites are linked below), but anything dark and loose that won’t show sweat or dirt easily is a good choice. Footwear, too, is key. You want comfortable and cool, and these Birkenstock dupes from Target are definitely both plus a good dose of cute!

Flowy, sleeveless, patterned shirt rec / Cuffed denim shorts / Birk dupes


Wayfarer Sunnies / Crossbody Bag & Tote

And while clothing is important, accessories are critical! I am all about the Wayfarer sunglasses these days and fortunately, you can grab them for cheap anywhere from the Dollar Tree to Wal-Mart.  Inexpensive sunnies mean you can have multiple pairs and not sweat it if you break or lose them–a real possibility at an outdoor event like a festival.  Lastly, a cross-body purse is a must, allowing you to be hands-free so you can shop, hold your food, etc.  My favorite is this one that comes inside a larger tote.  I put all of my “necessities” in the small cross-body and then when I go somewhere, like a festival, that I need a lighter/smaller option, I just grab it and leave the bigger one at home or in my car.

charming charlie tote

So, are you festival-ready, friends? If not, click on the links above and you’ll be there in no time!

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