Check please!

I love a good check……it’s classic and fresh all at the same time and practically goes with everything. What’s not to love? The other day I snagged this cute lil’ thang at Marshall’s (surprise! not!) for $12.99 and have been thinking about all the fun ways I can wear it: with white jeans like below……



paired with denim shorts, on top of colorful skinny cropped jeans, with white shorts, over a great solid-colored pencil skirt……the options are endless! So I’ve pulled together some similar shirts from various online stores that are all affordable (under $30!), fresh and fashionable, just like my trusty new find.


  1.  V-Neck bow-tie gingham top – $11.00
  2. Gingham peplum cami top – $11.00
  3. Split bow back button up gingham top – $26.99
  4. V-neck gingham peplum top – $28.00

Whichever one you choose, just remember to say, “check please”!

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