Who What Wear have I been?

I don’t know where I’ve been but I totally missed the memo on the new “Who What Wear” line at Target. But the other day, I was strolling through the aisles just relishing one of my last kid-free days before summer break when my eye caught a glimpse of some of the most stylish pieces I’d seen in a loooong time at Target. Unfortunately, it looked like most were plus sizes, but I did manage to find one smaller size in this top and shorts combo.

I’m wearing an XS in both and they fit well, but they aren’t listed online anymore, so I’m guessing it’s either sold out or an in-store purchase only. But that did give me an idea…..when I got home, I checked out the online selection and was thrilled to find much more in my size. I quickly ordered a few items and when they came in, I was not disappointed.

Bell sleeve white crochet top dress // red gingham wedges

I love the classic lines but trendy details that these pieces offer. It’s effortless and chic and totally affordable. Plus, it seems really well-made for the price. The dresses were lined, the seams were finished nicely, and they did not skimp on the details. I will say that most of the items had more of a modest cut, which is kind of refreshing for Target, but may be an issue on petite sizes or anyone on the short size. I’m 5′ 4″ and I felt like I could have used a hem on both the dresses, but they were still “fine” by most standards. For reference, I’m wearing an XS in everything and had more than enough room.

Chambray tie sleeve shift // red gingham wedges


Birdcage skirt // cognac wedge espadrilles


So if you haven’t checked out Target’s new “Who What Wear” line, my advice is to head online for the best selection.  Nothing I chose was over $35 plus there’s free shipping with purchases of $35 or more.  You can always return it to your local Target store if it doesn’t work, so order multiple sizes if you are unsure what might work best for you.

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