It’s in the bag

I think I’ve finally reached the point in motherhood where I don’t have to carry a beach bag that’s the size of a suitcase to the pool. My kids are out of diapers, they are too old for Barbie mermaid toys and water guns, and I no longer need to bring three different types of snacks per child, praise Jesus, Hallelujah! But, I’m not quite in the “I’ll just throw a towel over my shoulder and grab some sunglasses” phase yet either. So in the meantime, I’m always on the hunt for a mid-size beach bag that is functional, yet cute, and not going to cost too much because, well, it’s going to get wet, sandy, and goldfish-encrusted and I don’t want to feel like I just washed a fortune down the toilet when I have to retire it at the end of the summer. This is where Target saves the day yet again. They have a ton of cute, affordable beach bags that are the perfect size for a few towels, goggles, a tube or two of sunscreen, and whatever else you are toting to the pool this summer. And did I mention how fashionable they are? Not a single one is over $35, so take your pick!

beach bag collage

  1. Mossimo palm print mesh tote – $9.99
  2. Merona feather tote – $34.99
  3. Colorful plastic woven tote – $19.99
  4. Black and white patterned tote – $29.99
  5. Navy stripe tote – 29.99
  6. Watermelon laminated tote – $17.99
  7. Pom pom straw tote – $34.99
  8. Neon yellow stripe rope tote – $29.99
  9. Purple and blue stripe mesh tote – $14.99
  10. Rainbow straw tote – $29.99

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