The straw that didn’t break the bank

Everywhere I look lately I see this amazing straw purse– unique and funky, and totally on trend.

ark purse

So naturally, I looked it up to see who made it and how much it cost. Not only is it $128, which seems high to me for something that isn’t even made of leather, but it’s a pre-order!  No thank you! But I do love a good straw purse and I know it’s a summer staple. So for those of you who, like me, aren’t going to splurge on a purse made of popsicle sticks, here are some options under $50.

straw purse collage

  1. Similar straw clutch with fringe (one pictured is now sold out) – $13.99
  2. Cherries straw clutch – $17.99
  3. Similar pom pom clutch (one pictured is now sold out) – $29.95
  4. Au Revoir clutch – $46.25
  5. Kitty cat clutch – $35
  6. Straw Tassel Crossbody – $14.98
  7. Straw snail’s nest tote in darker color (original sold out) – $14.62
  8. Pom pom straw tote – $21.93
  9. Studded straw tote – $34.99
  10. Red lips straw bag – $11.99

So many options, so little time! Pick your favorite (or two) and make any outfit complete without breaking the bank.

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