Surprise! It’s Marshalls!

I’m a regular at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, and while I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it requires a little digging, I absolutely love it. Maybe that’s the “hunter” in me or maybe it’s thanks to my mother, “The Bargainista”.  But it has become a regular weekly event for me. Sometimes I walk out with nothing. Other times, I score big time.  But more often than not, I leave with only half of the items I could have purchased because in truth, there are just that many great finds there. Again, you have to dig, but they’re there. Trust me.

Today I popped in to get one item, which is seriously a joke, even to me, but I genuinely did go there with a purpose. Instead, I left with three bags. Now, some of it was stuff I “needed” and some was stuff I just couldn’t walk away from.

But out of a dressing room filled with clothing, I only bought two items (I need a pat on the back for showing such restraint!) and they are both pretty amazing if you ask me…..and great prices of course! The first is this darling romper with the colorful embroidery and tassel ties.  I love the pattern, the colorful details, and especially the adjustable spaghetti straps.

cinco de mayo 5-1

At only $16.99, this is definitely going to be on repeat in my summer wardrobe. The brand is Blue Island, which I’ve seen there before, but they also had several other styles and brands that were similar and just as cute.  If you are looking for a Cinco de Mayo outfit, or just a great summer staple, head to Marshalls.

I also walked away with these precious shorts for less than $15. Now, I know they look like regular shorts with their cuffed hem, pleats, and other tailored details, but they are made by MPG, one of my favorite athleisure brands, and are made out of that great moisture-wicking material we all love.

burgundy shorts 5-1

I can see myself wearing these to run errands as easily as to the gym, which is what it’s all about for me: multi-functionality! To find your own Marshalls surprises, head to the one nearest you and check back often for the greatest gets!


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